Farr 727 nationals 2014

Nationals 2014:

-Nationals will now be 22/23rd November and will be hoisted at BBYC (Bucklands Beach Yacht club)

-Berths have been made available for all boats attending the nationals over the weekend free of charge courtesy of BBYC

-We currently have a number of sponsors that are coming on board to help us out in prizes and products for the boat packs.

Can all owners please express their interest in this event so we can get an estimate of numbers!

-We will have a bit of a get together and a prize giving at the end of both days at the clubhouse, where we can all have a drink and a catch up with the days racing.


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Hotpantz 2330 – A blast from the past


Sail number 2330

Owned by Nigel Hendy Father of Jason Hendy who is the current owner of ZAP (formally Thermatech)

Nigel owned the boat from 1978-1981,
It was built from Plywood Construction with a petrol single cylinder inboard motor
She was the sister ship to Fantizpantz
Work done while owned by Nigel was a  full interior and exterior sand fare and re paint with spray gun done in his mums back yard in Milford, along with a full rig rebuild and all new running gear

The lovely lady on the bow was painted from the cover of a playboy magazine and done by free hand
Claim to fame for cruising missions is 8 people on board to Great Barrier 4 couples and sadly after mutiny a return trip of 2 on board
This boat was well used and loved and cruised extensively in the Hauraki gulf.

When Nigel sold Hotpantz she went on a truck to Wellington and has sadly never seen again

Was later sold to use as a deposit on the house that the Hendy family still live in today.


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SSANZ Evolution Sails 100 Race report from Wild!‏

With a a drifter forecasted the grocery bill went up. 22 sandwiches, 2 dozen beers, 2 packs of Coke,  6 bags of chips…  this will be a long race…. 2 bottles of rum…. musli bars and some apples. I think that we have food and drinks covered… 

Couple of things I have learned during last years SSANZ triple series, you can never be over-prepared, and most importantly, the sail that you leave at home will be the one you need… To Aidan’s displeasure I have even brought our solar panel with us. Better safe than sorry.
We have installed a new hatch couple of days earlier and were meant to fix the intermittent connection on VHF cable but my co-skipper thought that yielding a knife while going through the waves on the way to the start line was better way of doing it, so he sent me below to sort out this fairly important task as he was motoring… Bossy bastard….
Every two cuts of the cable followed a cut of the hand and in a very short 13.76 minutes I came away victorious, and bleeding like a stuck pig. Sea water will fix this and disinfect it too I thought… No biggie. She’ll be alright. At least we can call for help should the hand turn septic while we are drifting around trying to get around Waiheke…
After setting a #1 and realizing that the breeze is calling for a big #1, 10 minutes to start and we are on our first sail change of the day. Pick a nice spot half way down the start line and watch a clusterf@k develop closer to the committee boat. Best start yet, about 20 seconds late to the line but with a nice pace. Yotasorus is behind us… That’s a first for me… Wild is normally chasing the fleet… Time for a beer i think, better make that two since Aidan is not drinking. After two tacks we crack the sheets and are out of the Motuihie Channel, time for a gentle spinnaker run down to the Navy Buoy. Chilly bin in the cockpit, rum and a few beers later we watch a big line of breeze moving in… Time for a #2 to be set. We have been followed by a pod of dolphins on the run to Navy and spirits were high as we were glad that the drifter was building to a blower… Game plan was set, blast to Tiri, lay Waiheke, go in shore but only as far as we have to… And most importantly have a few beers!!! Until a wind shift… Fleet was split in half at this point and looking at the tracker, boats on the outside were making big gains… Coming around the Gannet Rock it was hard on the breeze, tuck a reef in, strap in for a hard ride and have a few beers… Wind against tide and a reasonable swell… Few tacks and we are approaching Tarakihi Island… By this stage its dark and we are opting to follow someone else around rather than trying to work it out ourself… The other boat makes what seems like emergency tack, we follow but loose track of him in amongst the few lights of Waiheke and decde that we are in the clear for sure, have a beer… With cracked sheets we start flying until I realize that we need to take Pakatoa to port… Big ease, keep as much speed as we can… Is that rocks up ahead? That seems like rocks up ahead… THOSE ARE ROCKS UP AHEAD!!! Short dead down wind run and we come around the Pakatoa rocks…. That was a close one… Time for a beer I think
The wind is coming around again and we start making a plan for Tamaki Straight… Gennaker seems like a good fit for now but…. Hope we get a good genny run, feels like we have been beating for a while now…
Come around Passage rock, set genny and start humming again. Seeing solid sixes on a speedo, going well!!! …Until another wind shift as the wind comes forward… AGAIN!… and than dies off rendering headsail useless ….
Get the Zero up… Wind speed 6kts, boat speed 5.7, Aidan likes it!!! Took a while to impress Aidan today, I was thinking to myself…
Get around Browns, nearly get mowed by an inconsiderate grater who took all out wing as he skimmed past…. Breeze shifting more on the nose, we hoist jib and put zero away. Breeze is filling in and we are still doing high 5’s. Quick check in with the committee boat who kindly flashed a big bright light (so we don’t run in to them I’m sure) and across the finish line. 17 sandwiches box of beer and a box of Coke lighter
Ending the series on a high, Wild! finishing second on handicap and I am well pleased with it. Couple of small changes still to be made to the boat and a whole lot of sailing to get my skills up… Huge thanks to Aidan who helped in setting the boat up and did most of the sail changes! Big thank you to SSANZ for organizing yet another great series, Wild! will be back next year for sure.
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BBYC major rum race

BBYC major rum race:

Friday 22nd August was the BBYC (Bucklands Beach Yacht Club) major rum race where we saw five 727’s at the start line (Zap, Nikolina, Optional Extra, Headstrong & Entrée) with a number of other small boats present as well such as pied pipers & stratus 747’s which was awesome to see such a large turn out of small boats.The afternoon/evening was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone on the water racing and after the race as well. Optional Extra was first across the finish line followed by Zap, which was not far behind. Then Nikolina sailed single handed and behind her was Entree and headstrong.

The fleet was dominant at the prize giving, claiming the majority of rum, 7 bottles in total and many other prizes. All in all everyone’s feedback was that it was well worth taking the afternoon off work and can’t wait for the next event.

The next BBYC Major rum race will be in December

It would be great to see these gatherings more often in your local area with the 727’s and other small boats.

Cheers to Lion & Half Moon Bay marina for sponsoring the event


Paul MacDonald (left) owner of Entree & Andrew Vincent (right) owner of Headstrong with their winnings

Paul MacDonald (left) owner of Entree & Andrew Vincent (right) owner of Headstrong with their winnings

Jason Hendy (left) owner of Zap & Brad Jackson (right) crew member of Optional Extra with their winnings. Optional Extra claiming 3 bottles and Heineken

Jason Hendy (left) owner of Zap & Brad Jackson (right) crew member of Optional Extra with their winnings. Optional Extra claiming 3 bottles and Heineken

Shasa owner of Nikolina sailing single handed and was still the 3rd 727 across the finish line, awesome effort.

Shasa owner of Nikolina sailing single handed and was still the 3rd 727 across the finish line, awesome effort.



Headstrong crew during the BBYC major rum race

Headstrong crew during the BBYC major rum race



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Farr 727 Wild! SSANZ 60 2014

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Newsletter 10/10/2013 Racing / NZ champs

Dear 727 Owners

Racing update:

As most of you now know the class is making a huge effort to regroup the fleet and increase boats getting out on the water racing, which is awesome to see.

In the past couple of months we have seen four boats competing in the SSANZ Two Handed series (Quarter Pint, Optional Extra, Wild & Yotasorus).

There are three boats who are currently racing in the Nexus gold cup series, with all of them entered in the short handed division (Wild, Nikolina & Optional Extra)

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ATL SIMRAD 50 race report

Start of the Simrad 50

At first light the harbor was a mill pond but the forecast had predicted 25 knots from the west for the final race of the SIMRAD two handed triple series. The small boats start was underway at 0920 hours heading out Rangi channel and taking Rangitoto to star board with a good breeze of around 15 knots. Coming up to Rangi light the boats got their kites ready for the long downwind leg to Haystack, with Quarter Pint in the lead followed by Optional Extra and Yotasorus and then Wild. Optional Extra decided to hoist a gennaker while the other three all hoisted spinnakers.

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ATL Simrad 100

Optional Extra

After a week of mixed forecasts the start of the ATL SIMRAD 100 race started off light under 10knots of breeze.

There were three 727’s on the start line, Wild, Optional Extra & Quarter Pint. The race got away to a slow start with Quarter Pint hoisting a code zero heading down to Motuihe Island followed by Optional Extra hoisting their gennaker and wild with there spinnaker.

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ATL Simrad 60 – Race report from Wild! (Tortoise)

We entered the series knowing that we probably won’t be that competitive as we still have a lot to learn about getting the best out of the boat, however, issues that ensued were bloody hard to predict….

Considering that the day started with a fresh coffee and warm croissant who could predict that it will be downhill from there…

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ATL Simrad 60

Quarter Pint

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