Hotpantz 2330 – A blast from the past


Sail number 2330

Owned by Nigel Hendy Father of Jason Hendy who is the current owner of ZAP (formally Thermatech)

Nigel owned the boat from 1978-1981,
It was built from Plywood Construction with a petrol single cylinder inboard motor
She was the sister ship to Fantizpantz
Work done while owned by Nigel was a  full interior and exterior sand fare and re paint with spray gun done in his mums back yard in Milford, along with a full rig rebuild and all new running gear

The lovely lady on the bow was painted from the cover of a playboy magazine and done by free hand
Claim to fame for cruising missions is 8 people on board to Great Barrier 4 couples and sadly after mutiny a return trip of 2 on board
This boat was well used and loved and cruised extensively in the Hauraki gulf.

When Nigel sold Hotpantz she went on a truck to Wellington and has sadly never seen again

Was later sold to use as a deposit on the house that the Hendy family still live in today.


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